Luxol St. Andrews Futsal Club
Luxol Sports Club,
Triq Dun Guzzep Farrugia, Pembroke
Telephone : +356 9999 1217
President: Joe Aquillina

A message sent to Luxol Sports Club

A lot of things happened in 1968, many of them abundantly reported by the Media. The Vietnam war was at its peak, Robert Kennedy was killed as was Martin Luther King a few months later. Russia invaded Czechoslovakia, The Appollo 7 was launched into space with astronauts as a preludium to the first landing on the Moon and Manchester United won their first European Cup.

Other things have also happened, although they have gone unreserved. In the summer of 1968, a small number of adolescents met at Deep Ghadir, after the bus stop doing what they enjoyed most... play football. When we didn't actually play, we used to get into another favorite hobby.... We dream!

What if, we reasoned, we could form our own team, find a suitable place and run our own club?

We were dreams and dreams are fun and cheap. But a brain that was once stretched by an idea never returns to its original dimensions and within a year we were well on our way to changing our dreams to reality.

By 1969 we were competing successfully and affiliated in football leagues (GIDA), Basketball (MBA) and Netball (MNA). We were moving well and there was no turning back.

The years have passed. In fact, nothing less than 43 years have passed since my Father regaled that set of T-Shirts on which the word 'Luxol' was printed. (For the disc Luxol was an imported trademark British Paint).

It was an experience full of events. Yes there were problems, frustrations, obstacles, despair and periods of seemingly insurmountable financial difficulties, but our enthusiasm never dimmed, when life treated us with obstacles, we used them as building blocks!

Today we are great and we can say with great pride that our facilities are the second one in Malta. We boast the largest nursery in Malta (620 children) and a high level in youth football.

The last thought goes to my fellow founding members. Luxol Sports Club is very unique. The same teenagers who formed the club 52 years ago are still involved in running the club today. Our reflexes may have decreased slightly, our waistline has grown slightly, but one thing remains the same as it was in 1968 – we still dream and the best is still coming. That is our promise for this new decade.

Paul Falzon

Chairman Luxol Sports Club

Mission Statement

To continue and improve the growth and quality of our Nursery, leading to the establishment of competitive football teams in all age groups in a safe and sound environment.

Compete at the highest levels of local football in a sustainable and long-term way without abandoning the basic principles of Sport. Commitment, Teamwork, Honesty and Pleasure.


The Luxol Sports Club complex is a sports facility located centrally in Pembroke within walking distance of most of Malta's main hotels. Luxol provides a unique atmosphere with excellent playing surfaces* (Approved UEFA Turf & FIFA) and facilities built on more than 15,000 square metres of land.

Facilities include:

A full-size football stadium equipped with the latest technology with an artificial surface of the turf. The stadium is located at the Luxol Stadium which is fully equipped with:
Latest LED Floodlighting LED
4 All dressing rooms with couches and massage boards
System PA,
Closed circuit TV,
Bar area,
Bathrooms for men and women and
Stadium office.
Capacity of 800 seated under a covered stand;
5 pitches for 5-a-side football, also with artificial turf;
Dressing Room of Referees
An indoor gym-sized area suitable for indoor sports such as basketball, Martial Arts, volleyball and handball;
Club room with full bar and catering facilities and children's play area
Additional dressing rooms at the Club's home;
Massage and physiotherapy facilities;
Large parking facilities
Close to St Julians / Sliema / Buġibba area

The Team

Within the Sports Complex there is a team of staff, including specialist sports coaches, including a former National manager, UEFA qualified coaches and a full-time management team whose only purpose is to take care of the visitors and make them feel at home.

Our premises were also chosen by UEFA to organise a friendly match between UEFA's top delegates that included the likes of Michel Platini, Boniek, Davor Suker and Savicevic.


Mono FieldTurf fibre is based on similar structures found in nature. The arched profile contains a durable "backbone" that passes vertically through the center of each fibre.

Like the stem or central vein of a grass blade, this spine provides each fibre with an unmatched "memory" and thus resistance to damage. This system also improves ball rolling


The Nursery

The Nursery is our pride and joy. (After our affiliation with the MFA in the early 1980s we took the courageous step of organising one of the first nurseries in Malta to ensure our state.